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This service provides the opportunity for institutions to participate in RePEc even if they are unable to provide metadata in the standard way, that is by opening a RePEc archive. This service is meant to be a last resort. This service only hosts the metadata about these working papers and journal articles, not the full texts. Individuals should use MPRA.

Other similar services

Similar services are provided elsewhere. If you qualify, use them:

Registering for the RePEc Input Service

To participate, please send the following information to us, along with the reason you cannot use the standard method of indexing your publications. Be aware, that unlike the standard method where you can batch load your metadata, on the RePEc Input Service you are indexing every item individually through online forms. This is laborious. If approved, you will be assigned a password and can then start indexing your publication. Additions are typically listed the next day in the various RePEc services.

Using the RePEc Input Service

Please report to me any malfunction with as much detail as possible, as a new version of the software was installed and it is not yet fully tested

Log in here. First supply the archive code (three letters). In most cases this is "ris" or "col":

If you have some issues with the service, please first look at this document.

About the RePEc Input Service

The scripts under the hood of this service have mostly been written by Sune Karlsson, Örebro University (Sweden). It is currently maintained by Christian Zimmermann. Currently, bibliographic information over three hundred series and journals is housed here.