RePEc Input Service


This document tries address some common issues that may arise when using the RePEc Input Service. Please bear in mind that we are still delopping it and that it may suffer from some problems we did not foresee.
I lost the password.
We can recover it and send it to you. However, if the request comes from a person who is not the contact person on file, we need supporting documentation before sending the password.
I made an error in the numbering.
You have been warned and still made an error? Sorry, this cannot be changed.
The numbering scheme has changed, how can I input new paper numbers?
They will be rejected, as they are inconsistent with the old one. We can reset the scheme, but then you will not be able to modify papers numbered under the old scheme.
Do I really have to find the JEL code and keywords for every paper?
Yes. We want good bibliographic data. And some services require this or the papers do not get disseminated.
The script keeps adding a colon (;) between two keywords when I do not want it to do so.
That is because you are adding a single, two-word keyword. Put a colon (;) at the end, or add another keyword, separated by a colon (;).
My paper does not have a fixed page number, as it is a web page/spreadsheet.
Put 1 (one) for the number of pages.
I want to add another series.
Sure. Follow the instructions on the front page and we will take care of it.
How long does it take for an addition to show up on RePEc services?
It should be on EconPapers and IDEAS within a day, on the RePEc Author Service within two days, and if it is a recent working papers available online, on NEP within a week or two.
What is the RePEc short-id?
It is a short code that identifies registered authors. You can find it on every author page, see this list. There is also a lookup tool that allows to search for the short-id. Do not make a mistake! This allows to insert without an intermediate step by the author this work into his/her profile.
My monthly RePEc indicates there are syntax errors. How can I correct them?
Uh-oh... this should not happen and you should let us know about this. However, if the message is about erroneous URLs, it is up to you to correct them.
Can I upload files?
You mean uploading full texts? No, only link to them, wherever they are. You mean templates? Yes, we can put them up, but without a promise that you will be able to modify them through the system. Also, we do not do this on a regular basis...
I do not know the precise date a paper has been written.
You can just input the month (YYYY-MM) or the year (YYYY).
How do I change the coordinates of the series editor or maintainer?
You cannot. You need to email me with the new details.
The number I am entering is getting rejected
Are you following the numbering scheme that you initially indicated? Are you sure? If yes, email me with details. Note that if you indicated 'Nr. X' or similar, just enter the number.


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